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We believe that service companies should provide a professional experience from the first point of contact, and throughout the experience as a whole. Basically, there should be a clear distinction between a professional service company (like us), and "Cousin Billy Bob" who works on cars for pocket money in his back yard. If you need "Cousin Billy Bob" that's fine (everyone needs "Cousin Billy Bob" from time to time); it's just not who we are as a company.

When you go with KeySource Inc. you should expect a professional experience from start to finish. Even if we can't provide what you're looking for today, our desire is to leave such a lasting impression that you consider using us for solutions in the future.

If we do have the opportunity to earn your business you should expect our employees to be friendly; uniformed in clearly marked attire with our name and logo; responsive to your needs; and sensitive to your situation. We work really hard to earn and maintain your trust, and we take your security seriously! All of our technicians are licensed locksmiths with the NC Locksmith Licensing Board, undergo thorough background checks, and receive extensive training. Similar to doctors and nurses, in order to maintain their license, NC Licensed Locksmiths are also required to attend continuing education courses throughout each year.


We believe you deserve a company that will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. We strive to raise the standard for professional service companies.


Expert Advice.

Providing a solution doesn't always mean selling a product or service. Sometimes you may just need some expert advice. Our approach to earning your business is different from other companies that just want to sell you something. We want you to make an informed decision! If that means you go with KeySource... GREAT! If not, that's ok too. We'll do everything we can to help provide a solution.

We offer FREE information and advice from experts in our field. Check out these resources:

Not really sure exactly WHAT the issues are with your vehicle or automotive security system? We also offer FREE Diagnostic Services at our conveniently located storefront locations (by appointment):

At KeySource, Inc. we provide convenient, forward-thinking solutions to secure, protect, and enjoy your vehicle, and the drivers you love.


Clear Communication.

We make reaching out to us easy! Speak with one of our friendly Customer Support Specialists or Locksmith Technicians through one of these convenient, forward-thinking solutions:

Once we receive your request, we'll get to work on offering the best products and services to meet your needs. If we can't help you directly, we'll offer references of other small businesses within our network.

Once we have your estimate complete you'll receive:

  • A Verbal Estimate clearly explained by one of our Customer Support Specialists or Locksmiths.

  • A Written Estimate that we can send via text and/or email.

  • An Estimate Number for reference once you're ready to schedule an appointment.

  • A 30-Day Price Lock Guarantee (pending the information you provide is correct).

When you're ready to schedule your service, just let us know. We make it convenient to schedule an appointment with us. We offer mobile services, and can even come to your location! We also have centrally located storefronts throughout the Piedmont Triad to save you even more!

Once your appointment is scheduled you'll receive (via text and/or email):

  • Appointment Confirmation with the scheduled time and location address

  • Price Confirmation and Copy of the Invoice

  • Photo of the Locksmith Technician scheduled for your service

  • Terms and Conditions of the products and services 

  • Online Payment Option

  • Appointment Reminders via email

Quality Products and Service.


We offer a wide range of products to better serve you, and your budget! Some companies only want to sell one particular type of key or fob. We would rather give you a range of quality options, provide honest advice, and let you choose the product type that fits your needs.

The three main product types we can offer (when available) include:

  1. Aftermarket Parts

  2. Refurbished Factory/OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) 

  3. Brand New Factory/OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

We often describe these as "Good/Better/Best" options. This is a common strategy when considering many parts (tires, brakes, etc.) for your vehicle. Why should selecting a key or fob be any different? All of the products we provide offer high-quality solutions. We like to help you make informed decisions, and then allow you to select the best solution.

We take a similar approach to the service you may need.


Want us to come to you? Ok!

Want to come to us? Ok!

Have a key or fob to duplicate? Great!

All keys or fobs are lost or stolen? No worries, we've got your back!

No matter what service you need from us, we believe we will exceed your expectations! We take every opportunity to go above and beyond with every service we provide!

Focused Follow-Up.

We'd like to build a relationship, and bring you into the KeySource Community! After every interaction we like to give you the opportunity to share your experience with us, and other customers just like you. We'll also check in with you periodically to:

  • Follow Up

  • Refer Friends and Family

  • Provide Discounts 

  • Offer New Products and Services

  • Invite You to Follow Us on Social Media Platforms

  • Provide Insight on How We Can Improve

  • Receive Relevant Content

  • Invite You to Participate in KeySource Community Events and Charity


But don't just take our word for it!

Check out what these customers have to say about their KeySource experience:


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