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Guy in car holding key fob replacement.

cut and program service


Did you purchase a key or fob that just needs to be cut and programmed to your vehicle?


We offer Cut and Program Services for the most common vehicles on the road today.

Convenient, forward-thinking solutions!

We'll come to you!

Work or Home - let us take away the stress of getting a key or fob cut and programmed.

Centrally Located Storefronts!

On a budget? We make it easy for you to come to us and save.

We have Customer Support Specialists ready to answer your questions, give price estimates, and schedule an appointment.

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5 reasons to buy from us:

Hassle-Free Warranty.

Sure, you may save a little more money by getting your key or fob from a big box online retailer. But are they going to have your back when something goes wrong? Are those few extra dollars worth the risk, or hassle?

Get your key or fob from us, and we'll keep you covered if you have any issues - both now and in the future!

One Stop Shop.

Why make it more complicated than it has to be? Get the product AND service solutions you need all at one time, in one place!

Expert Advice.

Over the years we have found that nearly half of all the fobs that customers purchase from big box retailers - and then bring to us for programming - either don't work properly, are defective, are the wrong product entirely, or don't program to the vehicle. Now you're out time and money!

We have friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to help you find the right product, for the right price. We can help take out the guess work, and provide real solutions!

Shop Local.

We're a locally owned and operated small business. Shopping local is a real investment in your community! As a local small business we give back to our local communities, provide gainful employment opportunities, and reinvest locally by supporting an inter-connected network of other small businesses in the area.

Get it here - FAST!

Why wait? We have thousands of keys, fobs, remotes, and much more in stock, ready to go, today! If we don't have what you need, we can order it and have it shipped - FAST!

At KeySource, Inc. we make it easy to get a spare key or fob for your vehicle!

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