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GO | Car Keys and Remotes 

is now...


smaller name : BIGGER VISION

You have to admit... Providing car keys and remotes is a pretty narrow focus.


However, when I started our company (with just a few keys in stock, some borrowed equipment, my wife's minivan, and a prayer) I had one goal in mind: "Keep It Simple!"

Years later, (now with thousands of keys and fobs in stock, modern tools and equipment, a few more vans, many answered prayers, and an awesome team beside me) we've learned that people really come to us looking for one thing:


We've helped thousands of customers along the way. Each situation has been a little unique, but we've maintained our commitment to "Keep It Simple" in providing solutions to our customers. As we make this transition, and continue to grow, the idea is the same.

"Convenient, Forward-thinking Solutions to Secure, Protect, and Enjoy the Things You Like, and the People You Love."

This statement provides us with a focus for today, and a vision for tomorrow.

It also lends a question to you, our customer.

How can we help you secure, protect, and enjoy the things you like, and the people you love? 

Today that still means we're providing you with the best, most convenient, solutions in Automotive Security.


As for tomorrow... Stay tuned! We've got a lot more where that came from!

We're taking what we've learned and applying it in other areas to keep you and your loved ones safe, secure, and protected.

We'd love to hear more from you! We're in the people business! Let us know how we can help. Like, comment, and subscribe to us on social media. Shoot us a message or an email.

We look forward to serving you both now, and in future things to come!

- Jake Anderson, President


Locksmith pros. Car Key Fob Replacement.

Greensboro, NC | Winston-Salem, NC | High Point, NC | Kernersville, NC

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